We provide grooming services for all dogs!

All animals are caged for their own safety and wellbeing.

They are also happier that way!

In addition to clipping, we also do:

  • Pet Grooming
  • Brushing
  • Summer "Puppy Clips" for long haired breeds
  • Flea rinse - popular during the summer months
  • Medicated shampoo available on request
  • Bath and blow dry only
  • Nail-clipping
  • Ear-plucking
  • Glands checked
  • Show dog grooming
  • Our hydraulic bath can cope with the largest dogs and can be lowered close to the ground.  A ramp is also available for older dogs. 
dog after grooming

Full works includes

  • Bath
  • Blow-dry
  • Comb-out
  • Clip
  • Anal glands expressed
  • Nails cut


  • Very Small to Medium,e.g. Maltese, Chihuahua from $50
  • Large  e.g. English & American Cocker, Border Collie from  $50
  • Very Large e.g.  Std Poodle, Giant Schnauzer from $70
  • Extra Large e.g.  Newfoundland from  $80

Other services include:

  • Bath and Blowdry only, Short haired breeds $35
  • Bath and Blowdry only, Long haired breeds from $40
  • Nails Cut only $5

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